the plan.

I get asked what my long-term plan for living in the van is on a regular basis. As with most aspects of my life, I’ve got all sorts of wonderful over-the-top ideas and thoughts as to what those plans will be, but I certainly can’t predict which of those will actually come to fruition.

Until I’d picked The Beast up with a clean bill of health from her last visit to the mechanic a little over a week ago, I wasn’t entirely sure she’d ever even make it out of Southern California. Luckily, that wasn’t the case, so I can [hopefully] assume that some form of the plans I’m about to outline in this post will happen in the not-too-distant future.

I like to move. A lot. Since graduating college in the spring of 2007, I’ve lived in Greece, Shepherdstown WV, Philadelphia PA, Columbia MD and Imperial Beach, CA. Since moving to Imperial Beach in 2010, I’ve lived in a total of six different places (this includes The Beast). If I stay settled too long, I’m known to get extremely anxious and unhappy.

Unfortunately, my insatiable desire to constantly move is a very expensive habit, so it only made sense to graduate to a house with wheels to avoid the hefty relocation costs I was incurring on a regular basis.

My initial plans were as follows:

  1. Decide to finally buy a camper van.
  2. Figure out where to park said camper van if I were to buy one.
  3. Find camper van.
  4. Buy camper van.
  5. Live in camper van.
  6. Eventually drive camper van to some new location (preferably by a river) and live in it there.

Planning too far in advance usually means I’m setting myself and everyone else up for exhausting amounts of revisions, so I tend to avoid long-term thinking. The only safe bet on me following through with my plans is to wait until I’ve actually put them in motion…until that point, I can guarantee nothing. Even then I can derail quite easily from my path and find a new direction without warning. That being said, I do have a few ideas for what I’d like to happen in the next year with The Beast…

  • Save money and spend the winter in San Diego
  • Leave no earlier than the spring to drive up the coast
  • Take as long as I’d like working my way up the coast and WWOOF along the way
  • End up in Portland and stay for a while on some land recently purchased by a couple friends of mine while I find a job to work and save some more money
  • Leave at some point
  • WWOOF some more while I enjoy driving around the country…maybe hit up Canada for while and see where The Beast came from (have I mentioned she’s Canadian?)

[For those of you unfamiliar with WWOOFing…it’s World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. It’s an organization that you can join for a small yearly fee and then have access to a network of organic farms around the world that accept seasonal volunteers and apprentices. Most of the farms provide some sort of work exchange situation where you can either camp on the property or they provide rooms for you to stay in while you work on the farm. Though it’s usually volunteer, some farms will even provide a monetary stipend. Free food is almost always included in the trade, but each situation varies from farm to farm.]

I’ve wanted to do this for years, but having a cat limits my ability to camp or stay in spare rooms and dorm-style settings with other people. Now that I have The Beast, I can just park it on the property that I’m WWOOFing on and not have to worry about the details of where my cat will stay.

So there’s “the plan” in all of it’s open-ended and revision-ready glory. We’ll see how the next few months and year pans out, but hopefully I’ll be able to revisit this list later and check at least a few things off as completed.


3 thoughts on “the plan.

  1. I was going to ask you if Portland was in your near future even before I saw it on your list. I LOVE PORTLAND. If I were you, I would park my van in front of Powell’s bookstore and maybe spend the rest of my life stumbling through shelves and shelves of old, dusty tomes. Check it out if you get there!

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