she’s alive!

After a few days of tinkering that didn’t seem to be getting me anywhere, paired with advice both solicited and unsolicited from all sorts of sources, I finally got The Beast started today.

I took the old battery back to the mechanic who installed it to have them check it out and try to charge it. After testing it, they declared it faulty and, since it was still under warranty, they happily gave me a brand new one to take home. I stuck the new battery in place and gave the ignition a crank, only to hear a sad little click and then nothing.

At the recommendation of about four different people (including Charles who commented on my previous post…thanks!), I crawled below the van and smacked the starter with a hammer a few times. Hopeful, but still not convinced, I went back up and gave the keys a turn. This time she turned over! (And over and over and over…) I considered this good news though, as this was definitely progress!

After a few good pumps of the gas, switching the gears between drive and park, and quite a few more pumps of gas, she begrudgingly rumbled to life. I let the engine idle for about ten minutes, switched it off and then tried again. This time, there was no hesitation and she started immediately.

I could not be more relieved. It could’ve been something far more complicated and costly, but lucky for me, it was simple. I hereby solemnly swear, that I, Chelsea, won’t let the van sit for more than a week without running it from this point on.

I’ve got a few more things under the hood that need tinkering with, but after that I plan to take The Beast for a few small drives to start getting her ready for my long haul up the coast in the spring.


4 thoughts on “she’s alive!

    • No new started, but I’m told that the “hitting it with a hammer” technique won’t last forever, so I’m guessing it’s just another thing to add to the list. Other than that, I’ve only got to replace the seal for the transmission fluid pan and things should be ok for a while!

  1. Great!!! Good it was simple, have you had to hit it since it worked? If not it might have just been some debris that got in the starter gear and then a weak battery just jammed instead of crushing it. Pay attention to the sound when starting. When you do the trans seal it would be good to replace the filter, it’s right there, should be a square flat copper mesh screen held in with a couple of screws, if it is a permanent filter, look at the way fluid flows then back flush (take to garage/shop with a parts cleaner), rinse with trans fluid and install. Oh yeah, the perm. filter might be fixed to the pan, you are handy enough to figure it out. Good luck.

    Life should be Fun.

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