a mini move.

Last week, I moved The Beast. It was only 25 miles up the interstate, but it was far enough that I was able to get a feel for the road and how she’s going to handle when I take her on the upcoming longer treks.

One of my bosses has very generously opened up his backyard as a new residence for me while I finish the work on the van and make preparations for my trip up the coast. It’s a wonderful setup in a very industrial area behind a house with an office and huge garage/workspace in the backyard. Not only do I not have to worry about any pesky neighbors nosing around and deciding to report someone living in their van, but I now have ample space to work on the van and move it on a regular basis as needed. An even bigger bonus is a huge metal awning off the back cement/porch/workspace that The Beast is able to fit under, so even on the rainy days I can have my vents or windows open.

Some of the details of the new place could be considered negatives, but I’ve gotten used to them quickly and haven’t found them to be much of a bother:

  • I no longer have regular access to internet (something I’ll have to get used to on the road anyway, and it’s just one less distraction to keep me from getting the work done on my van)
  • The bathroom setup is pretty rustic…my shower is a pvc pipe coming from a ceiling in an outdoor entrance kind of bathroom/closet with a toilet in the center and plastic hanging from the walls (I’m honestly overjoyed to have a bathroom at all, so between the pvc pipe setup and using the shower at the marina I work at on the weekends, I manage to stay pretty clean)
  • No sink or running water in the bathroom (I’m finally working on getting the water pump and tank working in the van, but for now I’m utilizing my sink by buying those 2.5 liter water jugs with the spouts and having it pour out over the sink…works well and is a great way to really monitor your water use)
  • I’m no longer less than a mile from the beach, but instead inland by about 20 miles (a fact I thought would bother me a whole lot more than it does, but I’m close to one of the best local hiking spots in San Diego…Cowles Mountain, and am less then five minutes from two Targets, a giant Goodwill, one of my favorite grocery stores, a Lowes and a Home Depot among countless other hole-in-the wall shops that I’m sure will be a treasure trove of items I’ll find need for in my van)
  • The weather is much different than on the coast, which means hotter afternoons and colder nights (I’m pretty well adapted to the weather change and I actually enjoy the cold nights now that I have a nice sleeping bag and the warm days make it easy to want to be outside working on the van…so it’s a win win!)

As you can see from my list of negatives, they’re not all that negative at all. The more rustic conditions will help prepare me for the road, and the benefits of the new location far outweigh the downfalls. I’m excited to really get the momentum going on my remaining renovation projects and I’ll hopefully still manage to update the blog regularly despite my limited internet time.


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