selling the beast.


My experience trying to sell The Beast on Craigslist has been fairly unpleasant, to say the least. One guy that called me an idiot and told me she wasn’t worth more than $500 and to call him when I was ready to be reasonable (yeah right). Then there was this creeper who contacted me to tell me I was hot, but then also add that the color scheme of The Beast was horrendous and that he couldn’t really see why I liked it. Some people had no interest in buying the van whatsoever and emailed simply to berate and bully me about nit-picky details regarding it. I was appalled at the sheer amount of people that took the time to email me seemingly only to make me feel bad.

Then there were the flakes. The so-called “very interested” buyers that would bug me and bug me to set up a time to see it only to not show up and never be heard from again.

In the midst of all of this mess of flakes and jerks, there was Leah and Jade. They were some of the first responders to my ad and were not only incredibly excited about The Beast, but very honest and up front about their inability to afford it. They’d hoped that maybe if I still had it later this summer that they might somehow be able to make it happen.

A week or so after receiving that email, I was working on my food truck at a gathering when a nice gal ordered something and then added, “This is kind of a strange question, but are you the girl selling The Beast?” It was Jade. She and Leah had recognized me from my ad and blog, which they’d subsequently found in a quick search after my reply. They gushed about how much they loved the ad and how awesome the van looked, but added again that it was out of their price range.

Fast forward to about a week ago and guess who showed up at the window of the food truck again…good ol’ Jade and Leah! They asked about The Beast again and reiterated their love for it and also their regret that they still couldn’t buy it.

A few days ago I’d finally reached my limit of dealing with the lowlifes that my ad had seemed to attract. I realized that I no longer cared about getting the most money I could out of the sale. The stress of dealing with all the jerks had infiltrated my subconscious to the extent that I’d even started having bad dreams about it. I was over it.

After a few minutes of mulling it over, I decided right then and there that I wanted Jade and Leah to have The Beast. Not only had they been the nicest people I’d dealt with thus far, they’d also been the most excited about my van. I know you can’t always let nostalgia and attachment steer your decisions when selling something of importance, but in this case, I just felt like they were the ones that deserved to get The Beast and I wanted to help make it happen.

I contacted them immediately and cut my price down to something they wouldn’t have to bat an eye at (or so I’d hoped) and waited anxiously for a response. Thankfully, they were as excited about the offer as I’d been to make it, so we set up a time for them to finally come see her in person and finalize all the details.

I feel incredibly lucky that I’m in the position to be selling The Beast to someone I chose instead of the highest bidder. I wanted the person that bought it to have the butterflies that I did when I first saw it and sat inside thinking of all the possibilities, and I was able to find them.

If I can find the time this week, I’ll be finishing up a few minor projects and repairs on The Beast and then Jade and Leah will pick her up. I couldn’t be happier about her new home.


5 thoughts on “selling the beast.

  1. Are you going to stop RVing it full time? I’ve only been to your page a few times and I loved looking at what you did to The Beast and living in your friend’s yard. It looked so cozy. I hope you return to something like this.

    • I actually hope to buy a newer smaller cargo van and gut it to do my own conversion! This plan is far from happening, but it’s a big goal of mine! Living in the van was one of the best experiences of my life!

      • It was only 6 months ago or there abouts that I started looking into RVing full time to save on money and live minimalistically. I had lived out of my minivan for two years about four to five years ago. I use to “stealth urban camp” in a plaza parking lot. It was basically out of necessity (I had went through a separation five years earlier in 2000 and was divorced in 2008). No one bothered me. Then on the last night of staying in my van before moving where I’m presently located a cop rolled up, shined the light from his car in my window but did not get out of the cruiser because it started to rain. I thought, “What. Are. The. Chances.?” Anyhoo…long story short, my landlord has a an old 1969 Snap On tool truck which he has pretty much made into a camper with a shower, toilet, kitchen sink, stove, fridge, cupboards, and sleeping area in the back. It isn’t completely finished but he is going to sell it cheap and I told him I wanted it and plan on RVing it again with me and my “gurlfran” Bella (my dog). Like you, I loved RVing it. I really do hope you will get another van. I’ve loved reading about your journey and seeing what you’ve done. I’d hate to not read your adventures!

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