saying goodbye.

I finally said goodbye to The Beast on Saturday.

In true form and fashion, my last morning with her was a doozy. Included in the last repairs I opted to do before Jade and Leah took possession of her was replacing the transmission pan gasket that had been leaking for quite some time. My neighbor (who also happens to be my landlord’s dad) is a skilled handyman in every sense of the word, and did all the work for me. (I know…I’m spoiled!) The only hiccup is that the van was sitting on a sloped driveway, so filling the transmission fluid up to the correct spot required waiting until I pulled her up onto the road the day J&L came to get her. What could possibly be difficult about that, you ask? Well, leave it to me to choose the wrong spot to fill with transmission fluid. First, it was the power steering fluid. Luckily, it was already full and overflowed immediately, alerting me to the mistake I’d made. Not wanting to chose any more wrong orifices to fill, I called the neighbor to come supervise.

In a blinding moment of equal stupidity, we uncapped the oil tube and poured the transmission fluid (all gallon and a half!) into the oil. It took only a second for the realization to sink in, but we had a chuckle and I texted the girls to tell them of the delay before we flushed the whole system and filled both the oil and transmission tanks with brand new fluids.

My last morning with The Beast wouldn’t have been complete without some mild disaster occurring, so I couldn’t really be upset. Besides…it gave me a few extra minutes with The Beast before her new parents came to get her.




Seeing them drive off with her was bittersweet. I was relieved to know that I no longer had to worry about keeping up with the project, but after living in her for a year, I had gotten pretty attached. Knowing I’d gotten to choose the most perfect new owners for her gave me some relief. Had I seen her drive off with anyone else, I might have been led to sob in the fetal position on my bed all day.

It was time to let go. I’ll never forget or regret my time with The Beast. I learned so much about myself and living a minimalistic lifestyle and I couldn’t be more thankful for the perspective it granted me. I’m so excited to see where it takes Jade and Leah on their new adventure.

Jade and Leah said they’ll be starting a blog to document their life with The Beast as well, so whenever they make that happen, I’ll pass the info onto you folks so you can continue to follow the adventures!

Until then, if you’d still like to have some sort of peek into my life, I have a separate photo blog you can follow:


4 thoughts on “saying goodbye.

  1. I stumbled across your blog this morning and enjoyed reading all of it. I do feel a bit misty-eyed. You write beautifully and I appreciate how candid you are about what worked and didn’t work for you.

    I am currently scouring Craig’s List for a van and the information you have provided will be invaluable to me (for example, checking out whether the vents and windows are properly sealed and starting/driving the van every few days and having more realistic expectations of how long the work takes and how much maintenance can cost and the WWOOFing option).

    I happened to post, “Gotta get a van”, on Facebook last night and got, “Down by the river?” as a response. Imagine how tickled I was to see the video on your blog this morning! I really admire what you have done. With your sense of adventure, you just might give it another shot at some time. Or not. Whatever the case, thank you so much for sharing your story.

    I’m following your blog hoping to get information about Jade and Leah. I’d love to follow their story, too. Meanwhile, I am blogging about my own van living project/experience/adventure and the reasons behind it. Please stop by if you wish: Keep on swimming!

    • Thanks for the awesome encouragement! I really do hope to one day buy a newer cargo-type van with a low profile to convert myself to do some more full-time traveling! I look forward to seeing your stories from your van experiences!

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