I live in a van. Willingly. Because I can. And more importantly, because I want to. So, judge all you want, but go ahead and check back here to see how my cat and I are fairing in my tiny space on four wheels.


16 thoughts on “About

  1. Howdy! Wonderfull sight! i love what you are doing! and will be keeping track of your progress. I myself chose to radically re develope my life, and build and move into a tiny house on wheels (with my pet cat “cracker” i may add) I enjoy reading about other people living in small spacess, especialy van dwellers, you guys seem to make the etreme best use of space! far more important than my 117 square foot of space, so i learn alot. thank you so much for posting and please keep us all informed! p.s. if you need a mechanic/bodyman in the central Texas area, should you so choose to travel this far, i am at your service!

  2. PS: We had a 1977 Dodge campervan that we took across Canada (Pacific to the Atlantic) a year ago. Only mechanical problem we had was a wiper blade that blew off in a hailstorm. 2 1/2 months and every night in the van. Very comfy!

  3. I’m glad to not be the only slight, cute female to be driving a beast of an old van. I just purchased my ’87 E250 Starcraft Camper Van (named Hootie) and have been getting those strange looks as well. Thanks for posting your customization updates as I, too, have a long way to go with my interior. I also love seeing Lulu looking so comfy – I’ll be doing this with 6 cats.

  4. You are quite an informative inspiration. I don’t NEED to live in a van, I want to, when I was 18, I was going to, then years later, I became “Responsible”. 😀
    I have an logistical challenge of an 84 lb. Visla…..any friends with similar dogs?


    • Living in a van has been such a great experience so far, especially as far as realizing how much more minimalistic life can be and what a positive impact it is. I’ve read other accounts of folks living in RVs with dogs, but no one in a van. That’s not to say it hasn’t been done though. My only worry would be them getting enough exercise and having too much energy for such a small space, but I’m also not familiar with that breed.

  5. It is always nice to come across another young female living in a van 🙂 I’m currently out of mine for a few months, but looking forward to moving back in within 2 weeks!!

  6. I’m doing the same as you, except with a little dog 🙂
    I believe it is an adventure and fun for a minimalist person that likes to travel.

    Rock on! I wish you happiness with the van life.

  7. I have lived the simple life, many different ways. Some in foreign countries. I spent a half year on a 32 foot sail boat. Loved every minute. You can not only travel the country, but the whole world.
    Just a thought.

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