meet sasha.

Part of my plan for traveling with The Beast included getting either a scooter or motorcycle to mount on a carrier and use as my “getaround” vehicle when I’m parked somewhere for a while. With my current plan to WWOOF (if you missed it the first time around, click here to read about my plan) up the coast, it made sense that I’d want to have something a little less gas-guzzling to do weekend trips to the cities nearby or just get out and about for an afternoon.

My original thought was to get a motorcycle or scooter, immediately sell my car and start saving money right away by riding it into work. This plan was foiled almost immediately, and as I result I never sold my car, but more on that later…

I did a fair bit of browsing before I decided which direction I wanted to go regarding a two-wheeled vehicle. I don’t like the idea of riding on the interstates (Southern California drivers are INSANE), but I wanted to have enough power that it’d be an option. Scooters, unfortunately, are very limited as far as power and speed, so I quickly eliminated those from my consideration.

I decided to look for a lighter and smaller motorcycle (I was thinking maybe an older Yamaha or Honda) and found exactly what I was looking for just a few weeks into scouring Craigslist.

Meet Sasha:

She’s a 1978 Honda Hawk. (A CB400T for anyone interested.) I fell in love with her as soon as I saw the listing online and immediately called the seller to set up an appointment. At the time, I didn’t have a license or permit to drive a motorcycle, so I took a buddy of mine to check it out and test drive it for me. It was even better in person. The owner had kept it in immaculate shape and I was just in awe of every detail. I told him I’d think about it and left knowing I would call to make an offer.

I lowballed him quite a bit and was immediately turned down, and a bit angrily at that. I accepted that I wasn’t getting the bike and hung up disappointed. However, it must’ve been meant to be because two days later, he called me back and accepted.

As with the van, there’s a tiny bit of engine work that needs to be done, but nothing major that I’m not willing to attempt myself. She rides like a dream and compliments The Beast nicely. Perhaps I would’ve been better suited living in the 70’s? I haven’t even attempted trying to get it up on the motorcycle rack that I got with the van yet, but I’m sure that fun little task be a blog post in itself.