a busted battery and a new parking spot.

Did you know that batteries can blow up? I think I maybe did, but the possibility hadn’t ever really crossed my mind.

Knowing I’d be moving The Beast this week, I went to crank her up and she wouldn’t start. After my experience months ago with letting the battery die and then having a starter that sticks, I’ve been running her about once a week to keep her going and haven’t had a problem…until now.

I popped the hood and pulled my car over to jump start the engine. After I’d hooked it up and got it charging, I glanced over to the deep cycle battery (the one that powers the lights on the inside) and noticed something was off. Upon closer inspection, I realized it had blown up. Pieces of the plastic were strewn about and acid had leaked down around it, corroding anything it had touched.

I just stood there with my mouth gaping open for a while before pulling the connections off and getting the battery out. I never did get the engine to crank, but hooked it up to a trickle charger overnight and kept my fingers crossed. Lucky for me, she started on the first try the next day and I hurriedly got the plumbing system put back together (I’ll definitely have to redo that rush job later) and readied her to move the next day.

I was able to drive The Beast to her new parking spot yesterday and was delighted at how well she handled. I’ve got an issue with the transmission fluid leaking, but it’s a simple fix with a new seal, so I’m not worried. I was going to park it on the property behind where my apartment will be, but due to some unforeseen hazards (gopher holes!), they opted to stick me in the driveway (fine by me…there’s a far less chance I’ll be coated in spiderwebs during my walk from the van to the house now).

(Loulou the road warrior, checking out the scenery on our way to the new parking spot.)

I thought I’d only be spending a few more nights in the van and then transfer into the apartment, but they decided that they’d like to do some pretty major renovations to the studio before it’s ready for human habitation.

This means a few things for me:

  1. I get to live in The Beast longer! (Still not sure what the timeline is on this, but I’m guessing maybe another month or more depending on what they decide to do with the studio.)
  2. I get more time to fix the remaining things I wanted to finish and actually do right before putting The Beast on the market.
  3. I’m going to get to help out in the renovations and learn some cool construction stuff…which is always useful.
  4. I get to live in The Beast longer!

As nice as it will eventually be to live in an apartment and have the creature comforts that come with it, I really am attached to living in a van and had the goal of making it at least a year. As I said, I’m not sure what the exact timeline with the studio being done is, but at this rate, I’m getting very close to that 365 day mark.

Since I’ve been allotted more time in The Beast, I’ll be keeping you posted on the projects I’m going to continue working on and might even do some before/after shots of the studio as well.

*Side Note* If anyone might know of a place I can freely and safely dispose of my busted deep cycle battery, please let me know. I’ve tried three auto shops and none will take it because it’s considered hazardous waste. The closest solution I’ve gotten is taking it to a landfill where I will have to pay upwards of $100 to dispose of it properly. I want to be environmentally friendly, but I can’t afford to pay almost as much as it will cost to replace the battery just to dispose of it.